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Company Mission & Purpose

Helping People Get The Care They Need

Caring Support & Solutions, LLC  began with the mission to offer services to caregivers and families tasked with managing and coordinating care for themselves and/or their loved ones long-term.  Over the years, we received many types of clients simply trying to understand the healthcare system and get the care they need.  The COVID-19 epidemic exposed the realities of the care burden on consumers and healthcare providers.

A revamping of services began in 2022 to include partnering with providers and businesses and expanding our outreach through media and education.  Our mission continues to be "Helping People Get the Care They Need" by providing our redesigned services directly and indirectly through providers and employees.  We added health and life coaching, free education and media services, and provider support.  We see this as "A New Way to Care" to increase health awareness and support the provider and client to discover and reach health and wellness goals.  

Caregiving Support

Our Founder's Story

A year after becoming a nurse, Belena became a caregiver for a loved one who didn't have the support needed for a medical condition that could have been prevented. 

Her experience as a nurse and a caregiver has given her a unique perspective on caring. Her compassion for her patients and families led her to into a passion for helping others find the care they need. 


As a nurse, she became a specialist in many areas of healthcare, which is demonstrated by her advanced degree and multiple certifications.

She believes that healthcare professionals face many challenges and are in need of support just as much as their patients. She built Caring Support & Solutions to be the answer for clients, providers, and employers to help others get the care they need and achieve their health and wellness goals.


Lead Care Specialist & Coach

Specializing in Care Transitions, Caregiving, Care Management, and more

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