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About Us

Helping People Get The Care They Need

Caring Support & Solutions was founded by Belena Butler in 2012 because of her compassion for patients and families.  Her experience caring for a loved one long-term and as a healthcare professional makes her an expert on the challenges involved. Her professional experience has exposed her to the numerous barriers patients and consumers face in the healthcare system.

The main mission of Caring Support & Solutions is to provide specific support and solutions for patients and healthcare consumers with healthcare-related or caring needs. Services are delivered using a service model entitled the C.A.R.E Approach™, which stands for Coordination, Coaching, Advocacy, Research, and Education. Care coordination involves the management and coordination of medical needs. Care Coaching services give clients a place to discover ways to improve their wellness and reach their health, wellness, and life goals. Advocating for our clients involves speaking on their behalf to ensure safe and effective care. Lastly, we take medical research and education and transform it into free updates and education for today's healthcare consumers. Overall, this service model provides a comprehensive service approach to our clients.



Lead Care Specialist & Coach

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