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  • Care Management (local and long-distance), Care Coordination, & Health Navigation

  • Advocacy Services

  • Health-related Research 

  • Education 

Here are some ideas of what you can do with our services.


  • Get help coordinating services and needs.

  • Help plan for future care.

  • Get assistance with insurance and financial questions.

  • Assistance locating and setting up private home care

  • Receive a Care Plan that addresses your needs.

  • Receive information on diagnosis and conditions.

  • Receive research and literature to make you a more informed caregiver.

  • If out of town or caring long distance, we can do scheduled check-ins for your loved one (limitations exist).

  • Advocacy when communicating to healthcare providers or organizations when needed.

  • Home safety assessment.

  • Assistance in creating an emergency preparedness plan.

  • Assistance in setting up monitoring systems.

  • Assistance in creating and setting up legal documents for protection.

  • Assistance locating or hiring 3rd parties to install assistive devices. (Grab bars, shower chairs, wheelchairs, etc.) or set up services. 

Care Specialist Services (Advocacy & Care Navigation)

Service Plan Options

Journey Plan

3 hours of Care Specialist services per month.

Best suited for clients with two or more health-related conditions in need of long -term support (6 months or more).  Great for clients managing a new diagnosis. Ideal for long-distance caregiving and/or working caregivers and families needing ongoing support from a Care Specialist.

Partner Plan

2 hours of Care Specialist services each month.

Best suited for clients seeking short- term support( 3 months or less) with care coordination and support for themselves or a loved one. Also ideal for long-distance caregiving, working caregivers, and families needing intermittent involvement and support by a Care Specialist.

Casual Plan

Care Specialist services are delivered as needed.  The hourly rate and monthly membership fee apply.

Best suited for clients who need support occasionally or in the event a health-related incident occurs. Ideal for caregivers needing guidance or advice when necessary.

-Most services are based on an hourly rate. Journey and Partner plans have reduced hourly rates.

-A monthly service fee applies to the Casual Plan only.

-All NEW clients must complete a discovery call to get set up for services. This is a one-time fee.

-The monthly cost depends on the plan you choose and any additional costs. 

-Flexible payment options are available.

We are based in Georgia and offer most services nationwide. 

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Appts are available at our local virtual office location 
10 Glenlake Parkway; Suite 130
Atlanta, Ga. 30328


Call or Book a time to speak to a Care Specialist.

Office Phone: (404) 383-8680

Available Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm & Saturday 11am to 2 pm

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