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Supporting Providers

A Health or Medical Coach assists patients using coaching techniques that help patients and caregivers discover solutions to reaching their health goals. Providers benefit in many ways. Increase patient engagement, satisfaction, and adherence. Health and Medical Coaching is recognized by the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Learn more about how we can partner with your practice and improve patient outcomes. 

Our C.A.R.E Approach

Services are designed around four pillars:  Care Management, Advocacy, Research, and Education.  We call this the C.A.R.E approach.  See what each pillar means when it comes to working with our clients.


Caring Support & Solutions service framework entitled the C.A.R.E Approach™, which includes Coaching and Care navigation, Advocacy, Research, and Education.  This comprehensive approach gives clients access to various services proven to help patients get the care they need. 

Healthcare Specialist and Coach


The AMA has issued a level III CPT code for health coaching. It is expected to move to level II. Insurance companies may reimburse for coaching and advocacy services depending on a client's insurance and needs. Clients are also able to use FSA or Health Savings Plans to pay for Coaching. 

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