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Care Coaching by a Certified Life or Health Coach

What is Care Coaching?

Care Coaching is a specialized type of health and life coaching for people to discover and create health and wellness solutions that work for them.


Who is a Care Coach?

A Care Coach is a certified life coach with a healthcare or health and wellness background.  The Care Coach’s background, combined with life coach training, allows them to create a space to hear and support the discovery of health solutions for a better life.


How does Care Coaching Work?

Care Coaching sessions are delivered individually or in groups and a similar to life coaching but are tailored to the health and wellness needs of the client. Sessions are completed via Zoom or phone. During individual sessions, the client decides on the health goal topic during each session. Group sessions usually have a common goal and are facilitated by the Care Coach for several sessions. Scroll through the images to see examples of the types of Care Coaching available.


Benefits of Care Coaching

  • Exploring ways to reach health and wellness goals

  • Finding solutions to create and achieve health and well-being

  • Strengthen relationships with family and friends

  • Freedom to explore ideas and solutions in a safe environment

  • Sorting through a vast amount of information and approaches to care

  • Achieve clarity or enhanced self-awareness

  • Explore barriers or mindsets that impede growth

  • Design healthier habits

  • Discover better health in many areas of your life and more……


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Care Coaching Plans 

Journey Plan

5-10 sessions Plan

Best suited for clients wanting to achieve long term health goals. Patients or families embarking on a health journey or life changes. Clients seeking to transform learning into actions that can result into better health, wellness, and relationships. 

Partner Plan

2-4 Session Plan

Ideal for clients in the process of moving towards personal health and wellness goals and need a place to identify obstacles to move forward. Also for patients with long term conditions and caregivers wanting to partner with a coach to discover and reach a level of health and wellness they desire. 

-All NEW clients must complete a discovery call to get set up for services. This is a one-time fee.

Casual Plan

 Care Coaching As Needed 

Ideal for clients that have achieved success in some areas of their health and wellness and want a place to discuss barriers and ideas for continuous self improvements. A safe place for patients or caregivers to discover action steps and tactics they can use to reach their goals. Great option for clients who have completed either the Journey or Partner plan. 

We are based in Georgia and offer most services nationwide. 

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Appts are available at our local virtual office location 
10 Glenlake Parkway; Suite 130
Atlanta, Ga. 30328


Call or Book a time to speak to a Care Specialist.

Office Phone: (404) 383-8680

Available Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm & Saturday 11am to 2 pm

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