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Care Specialist Role

Caring Support & Solutions, LLC
Role Description: Care Specialist (2024)

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Company Background

Caring Support & Solutions, LLC (CS&S) is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and provides patient advocacy and support to care consumers, families, and patients trying to navigate the health and care market in order to get the care they need. 

Experienced healthcare professionals and advocates know the challenges patients and consumers can face when trying to coordinate the complex healthcare system. Advocacy and coaching services in healthcare are now recognized by major organizations as vital services needed in healthcare. Our type of support ranges from when someone is well or when they are ill or hospitalized. We support our client’s caring needs through education, assistance with healthcare navigation, resource location, care coordination, managing chronic health conditions, and more!

CS&S started helping people get the care they need in 2012, one client at a time. In order to reach more clients and provide a valuable service to our clients, the service model has changed. We are building a network that includes Care Specialists, Care Associates, and Care Coaches that can work together to support clients in a way that can help them reach their health and wellness goals. 

Our mission is to partner with providers, organizations, and businesses to offer what we call "A New Way to Care." The Caring Support (CS) Network allows our clients to access exclusive media content and be able to receive online support from our network of care specialists, associates, and coaches.  

Role Description: Care Specialists
We are in search of Care Specialists to join the CS network. Care Specialists are experienced licensed healthcare professionals (RNs, MDs, and Therapists) with at least three years of experience providing hands-on care to patients in an acute care facility. Care Specialists are independent contractors that will work with clients on an as-needed basis. Care Specialists must be certified in an area of specialty. Typical certifications include case management, geriatrics, pediatric, rehabilitation, etc.  


Service Areas: Most services are available nationwide. We are in high need of Care Associates in the following states: Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York

Education/Licensure/Certification Requirements
•    Requires a Bachelor’s degree or higher
•    Active license in the field they represent
•    Certification in one or more areas of healthcare
•    Required to have at least three years of experience in healthcare providing hands-on care
•    Be able to complete and pass a background check 


Care Specialist Profile and Requirements 
•    Comfortable working with a new company
•    Complete required paperwork and updates as outlined in the CS Network
Partner Policy and Guidelines
•    Proficient in Mac and\or Windows applications

•    Must have access to reliable internet from home or quiet office space.
•    Demonstrate intermediate computer skills

•    Familiar with online community platforms and digital media
•    Be able to work independently, create structure and meet goals for clients
•    Must have reliable transportation to meet clients or conduct visits, if necessary
•    Self-motivated with great attention to detail and able to complete tasks with minimal supervision.
•    Able to be flexible to work from home with minimal distractions in the environment while online with         clients
•    Manage and schedule time accordingly
•    Must be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Also, be able to interpret and explain essential health-related matters
•    Act on behalf of Care Support & S
olutions members, partners, and clients while maintaining HIPPA privacy and regulations 
•    Exercises independent judgment and employs basic reasoning skills
•    Collaborate with other CS Network™ professionals confidentially when needed
•    Maintain current license and certifications
•    Adhere to state and associated licensing board of ethics and standards 


Job Type\Hours\Compensation: 
•    Care Specialists operates Pier Diem (PRN) as an independent contractor
•    Hours are flexible; however, they should be set to meet client needs and goals 
•    Care Specialists are paid monthly upon completion of service requests for clients


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