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Care Partner Role Description

Caring Support & Solutions, LLC

Care Partnership Description (2024)

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Company Background


Caring Support & Solutions, LLC (CS&S) is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and provides patient advocacy and support to care consumers, families, and patients trying to navigate the health and care market in order to get the care they need.


Experienced healthcare professionals and advocates know the challenges patients and consumers can face when trying to coordinate the complex healthcare system. Advocacy and coaching services in healthcare are now recognized by major organizations as vital services needed in healthcare. Our type of support ranges from when someone is well or when they are ill or hospitalized. We support our client’s caring needs through education, assistance with healthcare navigation, resource location, care coordination, managing chronic health conditions, and more!


CS&S started helping people get the care they need in 2012, one client at a time. In order to reach more clients and provide a valuable service to our clients, the service model has changed. We are building a network that includes Care Specialists, Care Associates, and Care Coaches that can work together to support clients in a way that can help them reach their health and wellness goals.


Our mission is to partner with care market organizations, healthcare providers, and businesses to offer what we call "A New Way to Care." Services are offered nationwide. Listed below are the types of partnerships and some of the associated benefits.


Care Market Partnership (Free)

For care market organizations such as healthcare providers, DME equipment, home care services, ambulatory or community health services, etc., that want to join a network of quality healthcare providers that better serve their clients and patients.


  • Referral source for new clients or business

  • Free one-time listing as a preferred partner on CarePoint™

  • Opportunities to participate in educational sessions and webinars

  • webinars

  • A place customers can connect to help in areas that you cannot assist with

  • Receive email updates on healthcare industry news and ways to save pertinent to consumers


Healthcare Practice Partnership*

For primary care, internal medicine, and specialty practices where doctors and nurse practitioners provide direct services to patients and want to offer their patients support beyond the office walls.


  • All benefits listed in the Care Market partnership

  • Opportunity to give your patients and families better care and follow up when needed

  • Partner with trained and experienced certified healthcare professionals who understand the healthcare system

  • Increase in patient satisfaction and outcomes scores

  • Personalized education for your clients*

  • Better utilization and care coordination for your patients*

  • Assistance with insurance pre-authorizations and appeals*

  • Be able to offer an added service to offer your patients with complex needs and conditions*

  • Discounts on Care Coaching individual and group sessions for a patient or employee in your practice

  • Discounts on future paid educational webinars for a patient or employee in your practice

  • And More! - Visit the Provider Support page on our website to read more!


Business Partnership*

For businesses that are considered small to medium size businesses and want to include a place for employees can for assistance in getting the care they need to reach their health and wellness goals.


  • A place your employees can connect to help in areas that you cannot assist with

  • Employees will:

    • Receive can receive access to specialists that have extensive training in different areas of healthcare

    • Receive one on one personalized services from a Care Specialists who will help them coordinate, navigate, and understand to get the care they need

    • Receive up to date on emails on care market news and ways to save on care

    • Access to the CarePoint™ for employees of businesses that contract with CS&S*

    • Discounts on Care Coaching individual and group sessions

    • Discounts to future paid educational webinars


*Monthly service charge applies and is dependent on the type of services offered to employees or patients and current insurance coverage. Some insurances cover coaching and coordination services. Contracts are built with your organization in mind and are specific to your business or practice needs. 


How To Get Started!

Every potential partner must go through an approval process in order for us to make sure that we are connecting our clients to providers, organizations, and businesses that provide quality services and are operating within state regulations and industry standards. We value the trust we build and maintain with our clients and our partners.


Steps to Partnership

  1.  You can email us to learn more or Click Here to Apply for one of the partnerships.

  2.  Your application will be reviewed by our team

  3.  You will receive an email on the outcome of your application. If approved, a Care Specialist will reach out to you to set up an appointment to discuss the details and contract.


You reach us at 404-854-4077 or email us at


We are looking forward to partnering with you for client success~

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